Premium Channels

What is a premium channel on Rumbl?

Rumbl will be supporting premium channels starting 17th of September 2019 (Android first). Your Rumbl videos may earn you money.

Once your channel qualifies for premium status, you can upgrade your channel. Subscribers may sponsor your content on a monthly recurring basis.

Sponsor your favorite channel using the coupon code: RUMBLFREE.
(Valid till 24th October)

How do I qualify for a premium channel?

Create a channel on Rumbl and start creating videos

Create 21 videos a week to qualify That’s just 3 videos a day (active ‘Rumblrs’ create 10+ videos a day)!

If you already have a channel on Rumbl, you are welcome to create more. Your current channel can also qualify for premium status.

Getting Started

Why should I get started on Rumbl right away?

Rumbl will be featuring unique and creative channels with consistent content. Entries to the second phase of the featured channels are OPEN right now!

Featured channels will have high visibility. Make sure you have a channel going by then!

The time to be on Rumbl is NOW!

The Deets

How does a premium channel work?

Once your channel qualifies for premium status, you may upgrade your channel in Rumbl.

You may need to provide additional information for eventual cash redemption(s) Your subscribers will continue to enjoy a free subscription but can sponsor you if they choose to.

You must continue to create 21 videos per week to retain the premium status for your channel.

Promote your channel across social media accounts so your loyal followers can sponsor your creativity on Rumbl.

Invite your friends and followers to Rumbl to subscribe to and sponsor your channel.

Channel Tiers

What else should I know about premium channels?

There will be multiple tiers of premium channels - Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Platinum 🥇🥇🥇

You can sponsor one primary channel.

Gold 🥇🥇

You can sponsor one primary channel and a bundle of up to 4 more channels.

Silver 🥇

You can sponsor one primary channel and a bundle of up to 9 more channels.