Rumbl’s Features

Here are a few things that make Rumbl different (and better) than the rest.

Premium Channels

Rumbl is supporting premium channels now! Your Rumbl videos may earn you money. Once your channel qualifies for premium status, you can upgrade your channel.

Subscribers may sponsor your channel on a recurring basis. Sponsor your favorite channel using the coupon code below.


*Valid till 18 November

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Featured Channels

Featured Channels are selected in the second week of every month. These are selected on the basis of the continuity of the qualitative videos on a channel. The minimum qualification for it is to make at least three videos in a week with great focus, good quality, and innovative content. Once a channel is featured Rumbl puts a tag - ‘feature’ and it helps increase the visibility of the selected channel. The channels are selected for once or twice a week.

Video Responses

Responding to a video couldn't get any easier. Got something to say? On Rumbl you can respond to people in a totally new way! We make it easy for creators who wish to respond to a video on any topic with a video! All you have to do is click on the respond button, record your response and get the discussion going!


Isn’t it frustrating when you’re running out of ideas? Rumbl’s got you covered with prompts! A prompt is a topic on which you can talk about, and we have a wide range of them from your favorite shows on Netflix to the everyday events that are trending across the globe!


Enjoying your favorite concert? Save it for later! Use the drafts option on Rumbl to save your videos that you wish to share with your viewers! You c an save videos as a draft and publish them when you think the time is right. Drafts on Rumbl can save you a lot of time and effort. It can help you organize your channels and posts.

B-Roll & Segments

B-Roll is a technical term used for creators uploading videos from their phone gallery. A Rumblr can upload videos from the phone only after recording at least 10-seconds of video. This is limited to two segments which can be repeated twice over as long as it does not exceed the total combined time limit of 30 seconds.