Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for showing interest in Rumbl! The following is the list of questions frequently asked by our users. You may find most of the questions answered regarding Rumbl.

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Rumbl is the home for short videos where you can talk, react, perform, or create a new show!
Anyone can create videos or new channels on Rumbl. Real people. Real talk.
Channels consist of episodes made by Rumblrs who love to talk, perform skits, sing, dance, or put on a show! Talk about lifestyle, food, makeup, fashion, relationships, music, politics - anything you want! You can even host multiple channels for the multiple passions you have!
You can create as many channels as you want, no limits!
For one, Rumbl makes it super easy to create videos without the hassle of editing. Just you on your phone sharing raw thoughts - keeps it real! Next, creating on Rumbl opens up the possibility of premium channels, helping you monetize your content (learn about paid channels here). Last but not the least, the Rumbl community is simply awesome!
Make good quality videos with good content. Create consistently and avoid self-promos. Who knows, you might just become a star!
Make quality content and you’ll get noticed! We’re always watching for outstanding Rumblrs, and love featuring them on the app, our website, and other social media handles.
Touch the share icon on the right side of the screen, select the “Respond” option and you can reply to any Rumblr!
Touch the share icon on the right side of the screen, select the 'Share' option and you can choose the social media platforms you’d like to share your video on.
Prompts are topics for videos meant to spark discussions! We bring prompts in many categories such as Life, Sports, TV & Movies, and Politics. We’re constantly adding more topics to our prompts. You may also come up with your own prompts and talk about it!
Create videos and caption them with a question or something interesting that can appeal to a wide audience and we may feature it! We feature a limited number of prompts daily - so, keep coming up with those amazing titles for your videos. In order to be featured, your video title must be understandable by itself, without watching the video!
Just keep creating great content - we are always watching your videos to pick the best ones to feature!
No, videos cannot be made private right now, but Rumbl is a greatly positive and supportive community - hopefully, you’ll find it to be the case too!


Click on the profile icon on the bottom tab, select 'edit profile'
Go to your profile and add other social media account by selecting the icon below your name. You can also go to the menu icon on the top and go to 'Link Accounts' to add other social media accounts.
Go to the user's profile and click on the menu icon and select 'Share Profile'
Go to the user's profile and click on the menu icon and select 'Block'.
Go to the user's profile and click on the menu icon and select ‘Delete account’.

Premium Channel

Rumbl will be supporting premium channels starting Aug 26th. Your Rumbl videos may earn you money. For further details, please refer to the Rumbl Premium Channels.

Platform Policy

Violence, obscenity, ad hominem, nudity, and sexual content is never tolerated. We also ask you to refrain from putting yourself in danger - but please note that all videos are shot at your own risk. Children under 12 are not allowed on Rumbl. For more details, please refer to the Rumbl terms and service.


Yes, Rumbl is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store! Install and start rumbling!